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Snippets from my kitchen. Today my roof leaked 6 times.

Speedy sketch. Rusty as a sunken ship.

I hated her but I forced myself to finish her… She’s still not good but she’s kind of charming now

I’m so behind in posting here, but here’s something from last night…

I challenge you to challenge me to animate anything! I’d like to do one a week or one a day, so a big ol’ film isn’t really viable but some kind of headbanging fork is!

Go, go, go!

A work in progress…

An engagement present for a friend’s brother-in-law and his fiance.

(With bonus accidental small hand)

The cover for Trip62’s new single, Autumn.

This evolved a lot over a very small space of time, it looked completely different for about 12 hours. I had a desk scattered with numerous tests, sketches, doodles, characters etc… Then it’s true self appeared.

Buy the single here.

Preview it here.

Just a doodle

Not quite finished yet…

I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m enjoying it anyway

A drawing of yesterday’s outfit