Snippets from my kitchen. Today my roof leaked 6 times.

Speedy sketch. Rusty as a sunken ship.


The view from my desk and the view from my office doorway


The view from the front and the back of my house.

I hated her but I forced myself to finish her… She’s still not good but she’s kind of charming now



I’m so behind in posting here, but here’s something from last night…

"louisask" haha! very nice. i challenge you to do an animation of me falling over a large dog, or doing something equally embarrassing.
louisarghh louisarghh Said:

Ooh I like it! OK, that will be ANIMATION NUMBER ONE!

I challenge you to challenge me to animate anything! I’d like to do one a week or one a day, so a big ol’ film isn’t really viable but some kind of headbanging fork is!

Go, go, go!

A work in progress…

An engagement present for a friend’s brother-in-law and his fiance.

(With bonus accidental small hand)